BT Wholesale releases Max briefing to providers

BT have introduced a blip logic system for Max DSL.  Full details available here:
ADSLguide: News Archive

This blip logic system should mean that if you you’ve had the same line speed for 14 days, then experience a single re-sync to a lower line speed and the next re-sync returns you to your normal line speed, that the BRAS Data Rate should reset inside 75 minutes, rather than the three days it takes now. Be aware though that if you have a second re-sync that is a lower speed then the normal 3 day rule for how the BRAS Data Rate changes will apply, i.e. that if you get the higher speed back that the BT systems will want to see three days at the better speed before increasing the BRAS Data Rate again. So a suggestion would be that if an electrical storm is approaching, and you want to ensure your BRAS Data Rate doesn’t drop then unplug the ADSL modem. This is on top of the normal advice that to avoid damage to your hardware it is safest to unplug your ADSL modem from the telephone line during an electrical storm.It should be pointed out, that since this briefing was only recently issued to providers, that the staff on the various help desks will probably not have been briefed on this briefing.


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