Cut that pesky ringwire

I’ve read comments over the last few months about people suffering with low SNR on their ADSL line. Some people have reported success by removing the ringwire from their BT master socket. I’ve never tried this idea before because I’d heard that the only real benefit was on the older styled star (or spur) telephone system. Since I live in a fairly new house I discounted the idea.
BT’s web site has always said I should be able to get in excess of 3Mb on my ADSL line but I’ve only ever managed half that. Anyway, this weekend I decided to give it a go. I removed the orange ringwire from the master socket and all telephone extension points in the house. You don’t need the ringwire since the dangly ADSL filters I’ve got plugged in around the house generate the ring for you.

With the ringwire attached my router used to sync at 2336, with the ringwire removed it now syncs at 3776. Quite an improvement eh. This should result in my stable rate increasing from 1.5 to 3.0Mb – in other words a doubling of my potential download speeds -)

I’ve also gone ahead an ordered an ADSL XTE-2005 faceplate from ADSLNation for the master socket. This provides filtered ADSL at source, providing dedicated phone and ADSL sockets, and negates the need for dangly filters scattered around the house at each telephone extension socket.

Result at last!


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