Should I buy a Sky Gnome?

I’ve been reading up on the Sky Gnome recently. I see they have come down in price from £69.99 to £59.99. They seem an interesting idea but I would like to see them come down in price further. If they start selling for under £40 I would consider buying one, but for now it’s probably a gadget I wouldn’t make much use of. Sky Gnome image 2 in Networking devices


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  1. […] Back in August I was deciding should I buy a Sky gnome. About a month ago I finally decided to buy one on eBay. There are normally a few new Sky gnomes for sales on eBay. A few people were paying almost £60 for these on eBay which seems silly when that’s almost the price you pay for it bought from Sky direct. I set my limit and didn’t mind getting outbid at the last minute since there are always more coming up for sale, in the end I got a brand new boxed one for £51 including postage which ain’t bad. […]

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