Will the masses ever get really fast broadband?

I noticed my local BT exchange has set an LLU enablement date for Be internet this morning. This is one of those ISPs that offer up to 24Mb download speeds. So out of curiosity I visited their web site and entered my phone number into their availability checker. The result wasn’t too surprising since I live about 2km from the exchange. I like the bit where they hint at moving closer to the exchange – yeah right!

You are too far from your BT exchange. While we’d love everyone to enjoy our superfast broadband, unfortunately you’re just too far away from your nearest BT telephone exchange for us to provide you with our service. We’re really sorry. If you move closer to a BT exchange in future, simply provide us with your new postcode and telephone number to find out if you can enjoy the power of Be.

I don’t think I’ll ever get super-fast broadband until BT does something about reducing the amount of copper between my house and the exchange. One idea I’ve read is BT using fibre optic between the exchange and their local cabinets you see in the street, with the DSLAM in the cabinet. That would mean only having copper between the cabinet and my house – less copper equals greater speed. Guess that’s my only hope 🙂

Be Internet


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  1. […] Back in August I was blogging about whether the UK will ever get really fast broadband. At the moment most people in the UK can get ‘up to 8Mb download speeds’. I use that term lightly since the majority of us will never see speeds that quick due to contention and distance from the local exchange. […]

  2. […] One of the things I’ve been blogging about on a regular basis is when will the UK get a really fast broadband service. I was hoping that really fast broadband would arrive as part of BTs 21CN technology. That doesn’t seem the case now. […]

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