Flight Simulator X Demo Update

I’ve been playing around with Microsoft Flight Simulator X a bit this week. Overall not bad. I was pleased to see my PC handling the graphics very well, even with the detail set to high on various settings. I was worried the graphics overhead may have increased from the old version but at first glance that doesn’t appear to be the case.

There have been improvements to the appearance of water which now looks more realistic and there is now the option to show more objects such as ships and cars, althought the cars look nothing more than a black blob moving along the ground. It’s a shame more detail couldn’t have been added here. The ships have good detail though. I’ve also noticed birds flying around at low altitude which is another nice feature.

The demo is limited to a few islands in the Caribbean. That’s good for showing off the water effects but the real test of any Flight Simulator is trying to land in a heavily populated city. That is when the graphics are often pushed to the limit, so I may well find out my PC struggles when playing the full version. Maybe it is me being cynical but I wonder if Microsoft deliberately left out a big city from the demo so the graphics wouldn’t struggle 😉

Overall I like the demo and I would consider buying the full version.

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