Which Is The Best Web Based News Aggregator?

Up until recently I have been using my Flock browser to subscribe to RSS news feeds. This works fine. I really like the layout and style but it’s no good if I’m on the move and need access to my news feeds from another computer.

A few weeks ago I started exploring web based alternatives. I’ve tried a few so far. Most of them seem to offer the same type of functionality but there is a big difference from a visual and usability perspective. Here are my findings so far. I’ve only tried a few so far. If anyone knows something better I would like to know.

This is one of those emerging products from the Google Labs. Not a bad news reader but the style and appearance is pretty basic.

This one looks visually better than Google Reader. Overall pretty reliable although I have experienced a couple of minor issues with trying to categorise my news feeds into different folders. I’ve also noticed a few times that the titles of news feeds don’t display correctly. Not sure if that’s the feed or Rojo at fault.

This seems to be best one I’ve found so far. I like the layout and appearance, and the ability to organise feeds into folders is easier than Rojo.

Didn’t really get on with this news reader. See this.

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7 comments so far

  1. Erez on

    I’ve yet to find anything that will replace Bloglines, myself.
    I’m always on the lookup for the “next best thing”, and have tested Google and Rojo, but always coming back to Bloglines. There may be other aggregators prettier, but none is as pretty 🙂
    I’ll give newsgator a spin, though.

  2. Dean on

    I’ll certainly give Bloglines another go if I get tired of Newsgator.

  3. newmw on

    I’m going with newsgator too. I expected far more of the Google reader, but that was a disappointment actually..

  4. Dean on

    Yes, Google Reader is a bit disappointing so far. Once it has graduated from Google Labs into a fully fledged product I will take another look at it to see if it has improved at all. Glad you like NewsGator.

  5. Erez on

    At least with Bloglines, you get the excietement of never knowing if it will work, or not, or work only with browser X, or work differently with browser Y, or be in Spanish.

  6. Dean on

    You could always look at Google Reader again 😉 I notice they’ve updated their layout, I still don’t like it though. Images don’t seem to show up in the feeds, I hit a ‘404 Not Found’ error page when trying to update my settings, and it looks a bit like Bloglines to me.

  7. Erez on

    I gave it a look-see, and didn’t find anything to my liking. Also, Bloglines just won me over with their new features and customer support so I guess I’ll stay there for a while.

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