Vista 5536 First Impressions

I managed to install Vista build 5536 which is a pre-RC1 version on a spare hard drive yesterday. The installation process went smoothly without problems. The UI is very slick and has some nice features and navigating around the system doesn’t seem any slower than Windows XP.

A few things I noticed. Internet Explorer 7 is really slow. I tried switching off a few of the security features like the anti-phishing tool but it was still slow. I also noticed when running speed tests from sites such as TSTools that download speeds were slower than XP. The display also seemed to give me slightly more eye strain (even with the screen refresh rate set to 100hz) but maybe that was me staring at the screen for too long 🙂

I tried installing Firefox but ran into problems, after a while the tabs inside Firefox would start jumping up and down making browsing impossible. The only solution is to close all tabs and start again.

I know this is only beta software so hopefully these bugs will be ironed out, but personally I’ll carry on using Windows XP for now. I’ve also got an install disk for Ubuntu Linux lying around. I think that’ll be my next operating system to evaluate. Wish me luck as I enter the fascinating world of Linux 🙂

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  1. […] It will be interesting to see what the final version looks like. Hopefully it has improved since the last time I used it. At the end of August I was blogging about my impressions of Vista Build 5536 and at the time I found Internet Explorer 7 really slow, even with the security features like anti-phishing switched off. […]

  2. […] Back in August when I was reviewing Windows Vista I noticed Internet Explorer 7 was really slow, even with the security features like anti-phishing turned off. With this latest release it does seem better, but it still seems slower compared to Firefox, even with anti-phishing turned off. […]

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