Sky Gnome Impressions

Back in August I was deciding should I buy a Sky gnome. About a month ago I finally decided to buy one on eBay. There are normally a few new Sky gnomes for sales on eBay. A few people were paying almost £60 for these on eBay which seems silly when that’s almost the price you pay for it bought from Sky direct. I set my limit and didn’t mind getting outbid at the last minute since there are always more coming up for sale, in the end I got a brand new boxed one for £51 including postage which ain’t bad.

I’ve been very happy with the Sky gnome. The reception is fine anywhere in the house and no interference. I’ll have to try walking down the street and see how far the range is 😉 It has 10 presets to store your favourite stations. The battery life is good too.

The buttons are fairly easy to use and it’s nice to see the volume and channel buttons in the same relative position as the Sky remote control for your TV. That’s me being a software developer, I notice little usability things like that 🙂 My only niggle is that when selecting a channel using one of the preset buttons you need to hold it for a couple of seconds. It’s very easy for your finger to slip off the button before the channel has been selected. I would have preferred an instant channel change as soon as the preset button is pressed.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

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