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If you’re baffled by setting up a home wireless network, or don’t want to flood your house with loads of wires, or maybe you’re worried about someone eavesdropping on your wireless network, then maybe the Solwise HomePlug Ethernet Turbo is for you.

This device enables you to create a network at home using the existing electricity mains wiring in your house. One of the sockets connects directly with your ADSL/cable router, this acts as the sender. The other socket plugs into any 3 pin socket in your house (it incorporates a standard RJ45 socket and includes a CAT5 cable). This enables another PC/game console in your house to connect to the existing ADSL connection.

Each device transmits up to 85Mbps which is significantly faster than the 802.11b standard of 11Mbps or 54Mbps of an 802.11g network. The devices come with a CDROM which allows you to configure the devices such as allowing you to apply passwords to each device to stop tampering, change the default network name, plus diagnostic software to look at stuff like MAC addresses, date last seen on network, etc.

ADSLguide also have an excellent review of the Solwise HomePlug Ethernet Turbo.

Looks like quite an interesting device 🙂

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  1. newmw on

    This sounds as if it could actually work, and it’s a good idea especially if you are using both consoles and pc’s. Don’t really need it right now because my house isn’t that big, but it’s a good recommendation for the larger houses 🙂

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