Experimenting With New Theme

Following on from my post on how to boost your blog traffic I thought I would experiment with a different theme. The main criteria for a new theme was a simple looking design that wasn’t fixed width. Not sure if I’ll keep this new theme or not, I’ll see how it goes.

Do you like it or prefer the old Regulus theme?

I was also considering the Rubric theme so may give that a go at some point.


3 comments so far

  1. Dean on

    Less than 24 hours have elapsed and I don’t get on with the new theme. It looked fine running in Firefox under Windows XP, but when I viewed the site using Firefox in Ubuntu 6.06 the font looked too small.
    So back to the Regulus theme it is. If you fancy a new theme for your own WordPress blog then check this site out for the ten best free WordPress templates.

  2. John H on

    I kind of liked that last one, the three column template by devlounge. Regulus is better than your original theme though, and perfectly usable.

  3. Dean on

    I’ve finally opted for the Light theme. There were 3 things I didn’t like about the current Regulus theme:

    1. Each link in the right-hand side bar had a bullet point.
    2. Text widgets had a border around them.
    3. The theme had an RSS subscribe button at the bottom which didn’t go through FeedBurner.

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