How To Get a Really Cheap Mobile Phone Contract

My current 12 month mobile phone contract with 3 mobile expires in 3 days time. I’m now into my second 12 month contract with 3 mobile. 12 months ago they encouraged me to take out another contract by offering a free Sony Ericsson K608i which I duly agreed to.

I currently get 500 minutes of free voice calls per month but at £25 a month I didn’t consider it the best value out there. About a month ago I phoned 3 mobile to say I wanted to cancel my contract and switch to Pay as you go (PAYG). They tried hard to retain me offering several incentives to take out a new contract. I declined all offers and they finally agreed to switch me to PAYG a month later. The aim was that I could unlock my mobile phone and maybe switch to a better offer tariff elsewhere.

Anyway I received a phone call from 3 mobile today, just days before switching to PAYG, offering me a new 12 month contract, the first 11 months free, and then £5 line rental for the final month. The tariff they offered me was less than what I get currently but for just £5 for a whole year I can’t complain.

I did a search on Google for 11 months free £5 line rental and it seems this is becoming popular. There seem to be quite a few 12 months contracts with no line rental at all, although they look like cashback offers where you have to claim back the line rental. Am I missing something, is there a catch somewhere in the small print I’ve not read?

I guess mobile phone operators will go that extra mile to keep you in a contract rather than lose you to the competition. So next time your mobile phone contract is about to expire, do some tough negotiation and you never know what you might achieve 🙂

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