When Will The Broadband Revolution Arrive

Back in August I was blogging about whether the UK will ever get really fast broadband. At the moment most people in the UK can get ‘up to 8Mb download speeds’. I use that term lightly since the majority of us will never see speeds that quick due to contention and distance from the local exchange.

In fact the ‘up to 8Mb download speeds’ term has already got one UK ISP into hot water when Bulldog Broadband was reported to the Advertising Standards Authority in September for not making clear that the 8Mb download speeds would quickly degrade as you moved further away from the exchange.

I know that some people can enjoy the speeds of ADSL2+, such as the ‘Up to 16Mb’ service offered by ISP’s such as Bulldog Broadband, but only if you’re lucky enough to live sufficiently close to an exchange that has the ISP’s LLU kit installed. For a lot of us that isn’t the case, so what can we look forward to over the next few years…

Well there are some interesting ADSL rollouts in some European countries and parts of the USA using VDSL2 that seem to be well developed. You can read here for a detailed description of VDSL2. This new type of ADSL can offer speeds of up to 60Mbps on a copper line around 1Km in length. Again not many of us live this close to the exchange, but if combined with a fibre optic rollout from the BT exchange to the BT cabinets in the streets then it could be viable here. Of course, such technology like VDSL2 is many years away, so again the UK lags behind some of its fellow European countries. No change there 🙂

Of course, BT already has it’s 21CN vision of the future, which is currently being readied for a trial in the South Wales area. But how long have the majority of us got to wait?

I hope BT accelerates these trials so the UK is not always playing catch-up with other countries. That’s the perception I’ve got. Perhaps anyone living outside the UK can let me know how broadband speeds are developing where you are.

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  1. […] Further to my post on when will the UK broadband revolution will arrive, BT has now launched a web site where you can check when 21CN (21st Century Network) services will be available in your area. […]

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