Next Generation Broadband Available In 2008

Further to my post on when will the UK broadband revolution will arrive, BT has now launched a web site where you can check when 21CN (21st Century Network) services will be available in your area.

Currently the web site only shows when your home phone line may be switched over to the new network. Broadband and ISDN services will have a separate switch on date which should be released on the web site soon. For me it says a switchover date of Apr-Jun 2009, this is a massive project for BT though, so we’ll have to see how accurate that turns out to be!

ADSLGuide managed to spot on this web site that next generation broadband such as Video on Demand and High Definition TV could be available as early as January 2008. This is interesting, but what I really hope for is a fibre optic rollout from the BT exchange to the street cabinets with a mini DSLAM installed in the cabinet. That will mean people like me who live a couple of miles from the exchange being able to enjoy these new services. digg_16x16.gif digg this cute.gif ma.gnolia


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