Ubuntu 6.10 Due For Release October 26th

The next release of Ubuntu, codename Edgy Eft, is on course for release on October 26th. The whole team seemed to have done a good job of keeping the release on schedule. If you look at the Edgy Release Schedule you can see that the release date hasn’t slipped at all.

Improvements have been made all around such as faster system boot up times, faster GNOME start up times, improvements to the user interface, a shiny new optimized kernel, GNOME 2.16. It also includes Firefox 2 and OpenOffice 2.0.4.

If you would like to know more about the release, or see some screenshots, then take a look at the Edgy Release Notes.

This operating seems to be getting better and better. We’ve also got Ubuntu 7.04 to look forward to next year. Codename Feisty Fawn, it is due for release on April 19th 2007.

I can’t ever see me going back to the Windows operating system 🙂

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  1. […] Further to my previous post on the Ubuntu 6.10 release date it looks like they are gearing up for the release later on today. The Ubuntu home page has been updated to reflect the new release. […]

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