New WordPress Domain Mapping

WordPress are now offering users the chance to map their WordPress blog to another domain.

My blog is currently I have a separate domain registered elsewhere which currently redirects to

This is advance warning that I plan to map my blog to the domain later on today. If the move is successful then the following will happen…

…visitors to would be automatically redirected to without missing a beat. Old permalinks and bookmarks will still work.

The same redirection will apply to my feeds but you might want to want to update your subscriptions accordingly. Most feed readers will happily follow the directions to the new URL but some might not.

If you currently subscribe using my FeedBurner feed which is then you don’t need to make any changes.

But if you subscribe using then you may want to check your feed gets redirected OK, or consider using my FeedBurner feed instead.

I’ll post back later to confirm when the domain has been mapped. Hopefully it should be a smooth transition but the blog may be unavailable for a few hours whilst the DNS servers are updated. digg_16x16.gif digg this cute.gif ma.gnolia


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  1. Dean on

    It’s taken longer than expected but the new domain mapping is now in place 🙂

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