Ubuntu 6.10 Launched Today

Further to my previous post on the Ubuntu 6.10 release date it looks like they are gearing up for the release later on today. The Ubuntu home page has been updated to reflect the new release.

The Ubuntu download page still shows Ubuntu 6.06 but hopefully that will change later on today.

I look forward to the download. I’m getting on really well with Ubuntu 6.06 and now use it exclusively. I’ve got all my devices like scanner working fine. Hopefully when I upgrade to 6.10 I won’t suffer any issues with these devices no longer working.

The only remaining hurdle is for me to work out how to capture video footage from my ageing Canon MV20 camcorder using my IEEE1394 Firewire port. Then my release from Windows will be complete 🙂

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3 comments so far

  1. Dean on

    The download page is now available. The upgrade from 6.06 to 6.10 was very smooth. There is no need to download the live CD, you can just use the update manager to upgrade. No problems at all so far.

  2. dmatriz on

    Please use update manager.. hope it resolves the problem.

  3. Dean on

    The update manager worked fine. No problems at all. I was impressed how well the update went.

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