Ubuntu 6.10 Upgrade First Impressions

I took the plunge yesterday and upgraded my machine from Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10. The upgrade instructions were very simple. I was extremely impressed with the upgrade. Absolutely no problems whatsoever.

When I first installed Ubuntu 6.06 a few months ago I had to apply a few tweaks. Mainly to get Ubuntu to recognize my Iiyama Vision Master Pro 451 CRT monitor correctly so I wasn’t stuck with a unusable 60Hz screen refresh rate, and also to get Ubuntu to recognize my Epson Perfection 1240U scanner.

Following the upgrade I was pleased to see both these devices functioning correctly. I know some people have had problems with wireless cards but overall I’m very happy with the upgrade.

Brief first impressions of Ubuntu 6.10….

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  1. dmatriz on

    I will be pleased to update my blog in this regard 🙂

  2. sockrebel on

    I’m about to upgrade. I hope that my process is as problem-free as yours. Wish me luck!

  3. Dean on

    Good luck with the upgrade sockrebel.

  4. sockrebel on

    unfortunately, my upgrade didn’t go as smooth. problems with X 😦

  5. Dean on

    Sounds like I am one of the lucky few to have a successful upgrade.

  6. Chris on

    I just downloaded 6.06 for the first time, and my first foray into Linux… running it now from CD-boot mode…

    Anyone have any time to work with me real quick on a couple questions? I want to understand the last stable release before I move on to the new one. lol.

    can be reached at veritastic@gmail.com or AIM: Bordy240 if anyone has the time.. you all sound pretty knowledgable to me 😀

  7. […] I thought I’d give an update on how things are progressing since my upgrade from Ubuntu 6.06 to Ubuntu 6.10. Things are still working fine. Just one minor niggle so far. Ubuntu 6.10 no longer automatically detects my digital camera when I connect it to the USB port. I have to manually start the gThumb image viewer application before I can import pictures from my camera. Seems like I am not alone judging by the Ubuntu forums. […]

  8. anonymousFreeSoftwareUser on

    “unfortunately, my upgrade didn’t go as smooth. problems with X”

    For anybody having troubles with X, run:

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

    to re-run the debconf configuration of it’s package. It will make a bunch of questions, default to the current configuration.

    (Debconf is a debian tool which many debian packages use, and so is available in debian and debian-based distros. Synaptic has a view for all the packages which have debconf questions. Usually you don’t see them when you install packages, especially in ubuntu where debconf is configured to show nly high priority questions. Of course, like allways :), you can choose the amount of questions you want debconf to ask you when configuring a package by running:
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure debconf

    You can also go right into x.org’s configuration, which resides at /etc/X11/xorg.conf

  9. Dean on

    A lot of people have reported problems with X. Thanks for the information on how to fix it.

  10. Chris on

    Yeah seriously…
    once I started understanding it all a little better (I definitely need a refresher on how to work from the command line… its been a long time since my DOS days, after all) I decided to go ahead and upgrade to Edgy.

    Once I did though, I could no longer open firefox or flock for more than like 15 seconds. A problem with X, I learned.

    So I will be trying that suggestion when I get home tonight lol.


  11. Chris on

    Alright Gents, I tried the sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg fix and it worked… for a couple minutes. I Was able to finally read my gmail within flock, but when I switched to my other account within gmail, flock closed again.

    So I tried it in firefox, and I didn’t even get 30 seconds into firefox before it closed.

    Any help?

  12. Dean on

    You could try one of these links:

    Is Firefox and Flock just crashing when you visit gmail, or does it occur on other web sites too?

  13. […] After my success upgrading from Ubuntu 6.06 to Edgy 6.10 I decided to reformat my hard drive and try doing a clean install. The whole install process went very smoothly and was an improvement over the Ubuntu 6.06 install. […]

  14. Chris on

    Update: It did happen to work that first time, I just didn’t know I had to restart GNOME. So I figured that part out, and now I

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