Ubuntu 6.10 First Week Review

I thought I’d give an update on how things are progressing since my upgrade from Ubuntu 6.06 to Ubuntu 6.10. Things are still working fine. Just one minor niggle so far. Ubuntu 6.10 no longer automatically detects my digital camera when I connect it to the USB port. I have to manually start the gThumb image viewer application before I can import pictures from my camera. Seems like I am not alone judging by the Ubuntu forums.

I’ve also tried used the new F-Spot Photo Manager. I wanted to see how well it handled uploading photos to Flickr. The upload worked fine, tags that I defined for photos in F-Spot were imported into Flickr without any problems. The only feature missing is the ability to specify which Flickr set a photo should belong to, like you can with some other upload tools.

There is not a huge amount of difference between F-Spot and the existing gThumb image viewer available in Ubuntu 6.06. It’s all down to personal preference. There is an interesting thread in the Ubuntu forums on the merits of each application.

I also reported last week that some people were having problems with their wireless cards not working with Ubuntu 6.10. Thanks to a tip-off from Remote Island you may be able to overcome this by recompiling the kernel module.

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  2. Chris on

    You know, as far as flickr uploaders go, I’d have to say my favorite so far is in the Flock web browser (www.flock.com). If you like firefox, you’ll like flock, and with its drag/drop goodness, along with tags and set support, I dont see a reason for another one. Not to mention you can open your photo topbar and drag pictures from other sites onto it. Simple, quick, clean.

    Other than that, I just hope I can fix my Edgy problems so I can even USE firefox or flock tonight 😦

  3. Dean on

    Yes, Flock is a nice browser with some useful features. I played around with it a few months ago, but that was on Windows. I’ll have to try installing it on Ubuntu some time 🙂

    UPDATE: I’ve now got Flock installed. There is an excellent set of instructions here:


  4. […] Secondly, I had previously blogged about a problem with the Ubuntu upgrade process where Edgy 6.10 would no longer automatically detect my digital camera. Doing a clean install of Edgy 6.10 I did not see this problem. […]

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