How To Access Your Windows Hard Drive From Ubuntu

Whilst helping one of my readers install Ubuntu I came across a link on how to access information on a Windows hard drive from Ubuntu. The link is specifically for people whose Windows installation has crashed and need to recover information via Ubuntu, but is equally useful for people who have a working Windows installation and need to share data between Ubuntu and Windows.

The instructions to follow in Ubuntu are as follows:
1. Open a Terminal window. From the menus at the top of the screen, choose Applications | Accessories | Terminal

2. Enter the following inside the Terminal window to create a folder which maps to your Windows hard drive. Be careful to ensure that you replace the reference to /dev/hda1 below with the device name of your Windows hard drive. I used the GNOME Partition Manager to find out the device name. You will also need to replace the reference to ntfs if your Windows hard drive uses another file system

cd /mnt
sudo mkdir windrive

sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/windrive -o "umask=022"
ls windrive

3. You should now a list of files from your Windows hard drive in the Terminal window. If you want a more graphical view of the files then do the following:

4. From the menus at the top of the Ubuntu screen Select Places | Computer

5. Double-click on the Filesystem icon

6. Double-click on the mnt folder we created earlier

7. You should now see a folder called windrive with all your Windows files inside

The complete post goes on to show how you can create a shared drive using Samba. Full credit to the original author. You may already know this information, but if not, I hope you find it useful. digg_16x16.gif digg this cute.gif ma.gnolia


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