Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 Clean Install Impressions

After my success upgrading from Ubuntu 6.06 to Edgy 6.10 I decided to reformat my hard drive and try doing a clean install. The whole install process went very smoothly and was an improvement over the Ubuntu 6.06 install.

The first thing I noticed was that Edgy 6.10 correctly detected my Iiyama Vision Master Pro 451 CRT monitor first time. This meant I was able to select a pleasant 85Hz refresh rate straight away. I also had a greater selection of screen resolutions to choose from. I had installed Ubuntu 6.06 a total of 3 times earlier in the year and not once did it detect my monitor correctly. I had to end up tweaking my xorg.conf file and install the Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu 6.06, before I could use a decent screen refresh rate.

Secondly, I had previously blogged about a problem with the Ubuntu upgrade process where Edgy 6.10 would no longer automatically detect my digital camera. Doing a clean install of Edgy 6.10 I did not see this problem.

Thirdly, I was impressed how well the clean install of Edgy 6.10 handled installing Macromedia Flash player. When I first installed Ubuntu 6.06 a few months ago I had problems using the Flash plugin. Whenever I visited a web site that required the Flash plugin, Firefox would tell me the plugin wasn’t installed. I would follow the prompts inside Firefox to install the plugin, but it never seemed to work for me. I had to end up using Synaptic to install the Flash plugin.

With the clean install of Edgy 6.10 I had no such problems. I tried visiting a web site that required the Flash plugin. Firefox told me the Flash plugin wasn’t installed, I followed the Firefox prompts to install the plugin, Flash then installed itself, the web site then refreshed with the Flash player correctly installed. No tweaking required at all. This is exactly how it works in Windows.

Everything else appears to be working fine with the clean install of Edgy 6.10. I’m glad I did the clean install now. If you’ve had problems with the upgrade from 6.06 to Edgy 6.10, which seems like a lot of people, then a clean install may be worth trying.

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  2. nobody on

    i download ubuntu 6.10 now !

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