More Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Last month I was discussing how to boost your blog traffic. I’ve come across some more useful tips and tricks that I would like to share with you.

This link from Pearsonified on how to improve your blog’s metrics in one easy step makes interesting reading. It discusses how the main page of your blog can get cluttered up by full-body posts. If these posts are large then it can make navigating your blog more difficult and your audience may miss out on other useful posts on your blog.

The solution is to offer teasers to your audience by posting the first paragraph or two of your post and then offering a ‘read more’ option where people can read the full post. This can also encourage people to comment on your posts since the reader is taken to the page where comments can be added.

I think this is a great idea which I’ve already implemented. When composing a new post in WordPress there is a ‘Split post with more tag’ icon in the editor toolbar. Using teasers makes the main page more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

There are lots of other useful links on boosting your blog traffic on the Pearsonified blog so rather than me repeat them all just head on over to that site. There are some nice gems in there.

I particularly liked the idea employed in the side bar to encourage people to tour your blog using features like ‘Must Reads’ and ‘Worth a Look’. This enables visitors to read posts which otherwise may remain hidden deep in your archives. I’ve shamelessly stolen these ideas and incorporated them into my own blog 🙂

Another thing you can do to spice up your blog is alter the number of posts that appear on the main page. My blog is hosted on WordPress which uses a default of 10 posts on the main page, but you can reduce that number from the ‘Options | Reading’ screen if you want the main page to look less cluttered.

If you want to get really technical then have a look at the F-Shaped Pattern for Reading from usability guru Jakob Nielsen. It discusses how the human eye scans over a web page and how this has implications for web site design.

Finally there is this article which discusses how a corporate website was redesigned into a blog. The idea being that using blog posts enabled the website content to be better indexed by Google.

I hope these links will inspire you to look at ways of redesigning your own blog or web site. I’d be interested to hear on your success stories. I also welcome any feedback on my current blog design, good or bad, I’d like to hear what you think. digg_16x16.gif digg this cute.gif ma.gnolia


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  1. […] More Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic Posted November 14, 2006 […]

  2. Garth on

    Another link for you.

    Just out of interest, how do you post to your blog? Directly through WordPress or something like Flock?

  3. Dean on

    Thanks for the link. I already subscribe to that blog but I don’t remember reading that post before. I’ve got some interesting links to read as a result 🙂

    I post directly using WordPress. I did experiment with Flock a few months ago but I prefer using WordPress directly. I have greater control over the posts.

  4. newmw on

    I tried splitting the posts, but usually I like reading full articles without clicking further etc and I mostly use the recent post bars in blogs. But I can imagine it giving your blog more traffic. It’s funny because just type in succesful blog or whatever search string in Google and there are so many ways! But I like your posts on the subject, cheers 🙂

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