Garmin NuMaps Lifetime Map Update Review


Map Update Lifetime

I have recently reviewed quite a lot of Garmin sat nav systems. The comments that keep popping up are, What is the best and most efficient way to update my Garmin unit? I had to look into this and in doing so, i managed to stumble across the Garmin NuMaps Lifetime Map Update for UK and Europe.

Map Coverage


The Garmin NuMaps cover the whole of the UK, ROI and Western Europe which includes detailed maps of major metropolitan areas in Europe, including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads.

Other possible ways of updating the Garmin units are with subscriptions with Garmin themselves but this would cost up to £80 a year. Which i found to be quite expensive considering most of the Nuvi’s are around that price anyway. However, when i came across these Garmin NuMaps i found that they done more for you than want a single map update would do, and worked out to be nearly half the price. These Range from £48.34 to £90! The cheapest i found to be was Lemon Digital. So £48.34 for mapping for the lifetime of my system. Not Bad?


Whats In the Box

This is what you get in the box:

  • 1 x Gift Card with Unique Map Update Code

Upon ordering the product i had to check whether or not it was compatible with the Nuvi 770. So i contacted Garmin and they confirmed that it is compatible with the Whole Garmin Nuvi, Zumo, Streetpilot and Quest range!

Here’s an Image of what i received:


In My opinion its quite a big packaging considering its only protecting a credit card sized gift card with a small unique code on the back. However, i paid for the code not that packaging so that’s what i am going to review.

On the reverse of the package there was a brief explanation from Garmin just confirming what models were compatible with the code. Furthermore, there was also a link for me to go to if i had any problems or needed more information.

Opening the Package

Upon opening the package i found the card to be a bit like a scratch card. The code being on the back. The back of the card tells you exactly how to set up your Garmin Map Update and what links to go to. Once i scratched off the back and revealed my code i had to activate the card with the URL given. Here i had to create a username, password and type in the product key from the back of the card. Once this was set up i was able to update my system easily enough.


Updating your System

To use NuMaps Lifetime, all you need is your Garmin device, your computer and a USB cable. “There are no monthly fees or continuing maintenance costs”. To update my maps all i had to do was connect my device to the computer and log into my “myGarmin” account, where the latest map data was ready to install. It gave me a list of countries that i wanted to be updated and i just chose which ones i wanted and away it went. It took me 3 Hours to update the system, but i was in no rush and paying just £48 i wasn’t fussed.



Overall, I decided that the Garmin NuMaps was probably one of the most cost effective software i have ever purchased. Little Price, Simple Code and easy to use software to update my Garmin. What more could you ask for?

Buy the Garmin NuMaps from Lemon Digital

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2 comments so far

  1. paul hunter on

    i just purchased a numaps lifetime map card from however i wanted to check can the map update card be used for more than 1 garmin as i have 2 or can i only use it for 1 device?



  2. gertrudehorne10054 on

    THanks for the tips! I live in Berlin so its a lot more expenisve in comparison! And so far no one has been snobby, rather quite welcoming and warm. Click

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