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New Host Update

Further to my earlier post I am now almost ready to move this blog to a new host. In the next day or two I will updating the DNS servers to point to the new host. This means the blog could be unavailable for up to 72 hours.

If you subscribe to my feed then I recommend you update your subscriptions accordingly. I’ll be updating FeedBurner to point to the new host so I suggest you re-subscribe once the new site is up and running.

Keep checking back to over the next few days. Once you see the new look web site you can then re-subscribe.



Time For A New Host

I’m moving this site to a new host over the next few weeks.

There is likely to be a lack of postings during this interim period as I set up the new site and move everything across. So please bear with me if you see no posts for a couple of weeks. I’m still here 🙂

I will move the domain over to the new host in a few weeks time. If you use this URL to access this site then you’ll be taken to the new site once it is up and running.

The old domain will stay active forever. I’ll keep you posted on the developments.

More Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Last month I was discussing how to boost your blog traffic. I’ve come across some more useful tips and tricks that I would like to share with you.

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New WordPress Domain Mapping

WordPress are now offering users the chance to map their WordPress blog to another domain.

My blog is currently I have a separate domain registered elsewhere which currently redirects to

This is advance warning that I plan to map my blog to the domain later on today. If the move is successful then the following will happen…

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Experimenting With New Theme

Following on from my post on how to boost your blog traffic I thought I would experiment with a different theme. The main criteria for a new theme was a simple looking design that wasn’t fixed width. Not sure if I’ll keep this new theme or not, I’ll see how it goes.

Do you like it or prefer the old Regulus theme?

I was also considering the Rubric theme so may give that a go at some point.

How To Boost Your Blog Traffic

I was reading this article the other day on how to boost your blog traffic. I’m sure most of us have read articles like this before and they are always interesting to read.

The article describes the merits of Technorati and FeedBurner which are both useful tools in getting your blog known.

The article goes on to mention that if you want to be a serious blogger then you should ditch hosting your blog on a free site like WordPress or TypePad and get your own domain and hosting. That may be the case if it’s a large scale or corporate type blog, but there can be advantages to hosting your blog on WordPress for example. WordPress tends to score highly with the Google search engine, this I believe enables my blog to appear higher in the Google search results than would otherwise be possible.

The article also includes a useful link from usability guru Jakob Nielsen on weblog usability. Some very good points are raised, most of which you may know already but it’s always a good refresher to read such articles.

I didn’t fully agree with item #7 on Irregular Publishing Frequency. This basically states that you should stick to a schedule such as daily, weekly or monthly to meet user expectations. Such a statement could put pressure on people to blog on anything just to meet a schedule.

Jakob Nielsen does mention that you shouldn’t blog just for the sake of it but even so I don’t think a schedule is right for everyone. People should be free to blog about what they want, when they want. I subscribe to many feeds, if a feed doesn’t generate anything new for a few days or a couple of weeks, that will not cause me to lose interest and unsubscribe.

Overall an interesting read. I’m already considering changing my blog theme as a result, more on that later 🙂

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