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New Host Update

Further to my earlier post I am now almost ready to move this blog to a new host. In the next day or two I will updating the DNS servers to point to the new host. This means the blog could be unavailable for up to 72 hours.

If you subscribe to my feed then I recommend you update your subscriptions accordingly. I’ll be updating FeedBurner to point to the new host so I suggest you re-subscribe once the new site is up and running.

Keep checking back to over the next few days. Once you see the new look web site you can then re-subscribe.



Time For A New Host

I’m moving this site to a new host over the next few weeks.

There is likely to be a lack of postings during this interim period as I set up the new site and move everything across. So please bear with me if you see no posts for a couple of weeks. I’m still here 🙂

I will move the domain over to the new host in a few weeks time. If you use this URL to access this site then you’ll be taken to the new site once it is up and running.

The old domain will stay active forever. I’ll keep you posted on the developments.

More Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Last month I was discussing how to boost your blog traffic. I’ve come across some more useful tips and tricks that I would like to share with you.

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Bloglines Can Reveal Feeds For Other GMail Users

I wanted to pass on this warning I read on Cybernet Technology News.

Full details are contained in the above link but to summarise, the problem concerns people who have burned their GMail feed using FeedBurner. If you don’t make the feed private then it means anyone could potentially have access to sensitive information in your email inbox such as a username and password to access a web site, etc.

Whilst you are not able to go straight from the feed to look at the complete email, once subscribed you can read the subject and the first line of any email sent to these addresses. That can often be enough to reveal sensitive information.

Here is a screenshot from Bloglines showing other people’s GMail feeds.

Gmail feeds in Bloglines

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Bloglines – no thanks

Currently I store my RSS feeds in Flock which works great. The only downside to this is that if I use another computer then I don’t have access to my feeds. With that in mind I decided to give bloglines a go which enables me to access my feeds from any browser. Overall I found it disappointing. A couple of my RSS feeds didn’t even show up as having new news available – a bit of a major problem in my opinion.

I’ll continue to look at alternatives but for now Flock will be my main RSS news reader.

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